• How secure is electronic paperwork?

    Chapter 3 - Cotton marketing - Electronic paperwork 


    We have all heard horror stories about computer hackers getting access to bank databases and stealing customers’ identities and bank accounts, and the same scenario is possible with electronic documentation. International trade finance banks already take huge precautions with shipping documentation to check the apparent authenticity, and the electronic transmission of data is the next challenge.

    There appears to be a return to bespoke systems in which the shipping lines, government authorities, warehouses and others organizations in the supply chain rely mainly upon their internal system controls and security. While this has its advantages, it shows that the collection of electronic paperwork under one core umbrella is not currently workable on a global scale. To marry up a Malawi certificate of origin with a South African-loaded B/L and present both e-documents electronically through a European bank under L/C negotiation is certainly a challenge!

    It was only 20 years ago that telex ticker-tape was the main form of cross-border communication and we had never heard of e-mail. Imagine where we will be 20 years from now. Just ensure you go along for the ride!

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