• ICA Rules and Bylaws

    Chapter 3 - Cotton marketing - Controlling  


    The majority of contracts for international trade are agreed subject to ICA Rules and Bylaws. In the event of a dispute concerning quality or performance, they are subject to ICA dispute resolution procedures. The Rules under which cotton is sold should appear in the contract of sale. However, it should be noted that the terms of a contract take priority over the Rules, unless otherwise stated.*

    For further clarification, the ICA Rules and Bylaws covering the controller’s services are quoted in italics in this section.


    Supervision of bale-by-bale weighing

    Pre-shipment weighing

    Rule 216
    1. Gross Shipping Weights – must be established by an independent weighing organisation or other organisation as determined in writing between the buyer and seller within 42 days (6 weeks), or any other time period as agreed between buyer and seller, before shipment.


    Weighing can be carried out bale by bale, or by weighbridge. Generally sellers weigh the cotton themselves or appoint a representative to act on their behalf under the supervision of a controller appointed by buyers, or buyers appoint a controller to act on their behalf for the account of the seller. There may be other variations on the same theme, and it is essential that actual weighing terms are clearly stated in contracts.

    Sellers should always make bales available to buyers’ controllers in order that they may carry out their principals’ instructions.

    *The Rules and Bylaws quoted in this section are those believed to be in force on the date this document was prepared. However, the Rules and Bylaws are subject to change as may be approved by the ICA membership from time to time.

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