• Paperwork – what paperwork?

    Chapter 3 - Cotton marketing - Electronic paperwork 


    Shipping a bale of cotton from A to B can be a pretty daunting affair to someone new to the business. Whether 1 container is shipped or 50 containers, the amount of paperwork remains the same. A typical shipment requires paperwork consisting of:

    • Original and copy commercial invoices;
    • Originals and copy bills of lading;
    • Original and copy certificates of origin;
    • Original and copy phytosanitary certificates;
    • Original and copy fumigation certificates;
    • Original packing list;
    • Original bale-by-bale weight list;
    • Letters to insurance companies confirming shipment details;
    • Copy of courier receipts confirming dispatch of documents.

    Different countries have different customs formalities. China may require 3 copies of each document, while Bangladesh may call for 12 copies of each. It seems there is just no getting away from paper.

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