• Pre-shipment

    Chapter 3 - Cotton marketing - Controlling


    Supervision of loading 

    • Noting the visible condition of containers before loading.
    • Where possible noting the visible external condition of bales during loading to containers and/or vessels.
    • Noting the marks on the bales at the time of loading to containers and/or vessels.
    • Supervising the sealing of containers after loading. 

    Supervision of loading


    • Supervision of unsealing, de-vanning and tallying of bales from containers.
    • Surveys for external and internal damage to bales. 

    Supervision of de-vanning


    Surveying damaged cotton

    Warehouse inspections

    Controllers can also be appointed by buyers, sellers, underwriters or banks to:

    • Inspect the condition of warehouses.
    • Carry out inventory stock checks.

    These can be carried out at various locations including, but not limited to:

    • Gin or other warehouses in country of origin.
    • Port warehouses at ports of export.
    • Consignment warehouses after export.


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