• Taring

    Chapter 3 - Cotton marketing - Controlling


    Rule 213

    1. Unless the seller declares and guarantees otherwise, all cotton must be sold on actual tare.

    2. The buyer can insist that the actual tare be established at the time of delivery. The actual tare must be measured within 42 days (6 weeks) of the date of arrival of the cotton and must be carried out by the buyer under the supervision of the seller’s representatives. This will then be the measurement of tare applied to the weight adjustment.

    3. If the buyer insists that the tare be measured and it proves to be not more than the allowance given in the contract or invoice, the buyer will have to pay the costs of taring. Otherwise, the seller must pay these costs.

    Rule 214

    1. To calculate actual tare, a minimum of 5% of the bales, subject to a maximum of 10 bales of each type of tare composed in any one lot or mark must be checked.

    2. Actual tare is established by ascertaining the average weight of the wrapping, bands, ropes or wires from each type of the different tares comprising the lot or mark and multiplying the average weight of each type of tare by the total number of bales in the shipment.

    3. Repaired bales must be tared separately. 







    All loose cotton, dirt and dust should be removed from the bale covers before they are weighed.

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