• Cotton classification

    Chapter 2 - Cotton value addition - Classing and grading 

    The term ‘cotton classification’ refers to the application of official standards and standardized procedures developed for measuring those physical attributes of raw cotton that affect the quality of the finished product and/or manufacturing efficiency. Classing methodology is based on both grade and instrument standards used in tandem with state-of-the-art methods and equipment to provide the cotton industry with the best possible quality information for marketing and processing. Cotton classification includes the cotton quality determinations of colour grade, leaf grade, preparation, fibre length, length uniformity index, fibre strength, micronaire, colour Rd, colour +b, trash content and extraneous matter identification. As classing systems around the world progress, reliance on human senses is diminishing and instrument classing is expanding. Countries including Australia, Brazil, China, Uzbekistan and the United States have either fully implemented or are very close to fully implementing instrument classification on 100% of their cotton crops. 
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