• Implications for national HVI systems

    Chapter 2 - Cotton value addition - Harmonization of rapid machine testing of fibre qu

    Taken together, the foregoing components of a system of process and quality controls provide indispensable guidance to plan for large-scale harmonization of machine testing of fibre properties. The magnitude of the logistical/ management issues – especially the timeliness required for reaction and adjustment – immediately recommends that sovereign countries should provide the basis for a national HVI cotton classification system. Advantages of national authorities include the fact that they facilitate funding of capable central authorities (it is futile to attempt HVI classification without large and sustained funding). Besides funding, national governments can provide an enforceable rule-of-law, which is necessary for the classification system to reach a threshold level of trust within the global market.

    The structure of national HVI systems must vary according to national industry structures. For example, in most of the world cotton producers lose ownership of cotton before it is ginned. They sell the seed cotton before ginning and before HVI testing. Therefore, since the cotton is not sold based on HVI test results, it is not necessary that sampling and reporting of test results be focused at the gin points, as it is in the United States. Unfortunately, this approach fails to give the cotton production sector an incentive to deliver improved fibre properties – unless some method for identity preservation is available to allow differential pricing back to the producers. But it does allow for both sampling and testing to be done later at one or more collection points in the marketing system. Perhaps these collection points could be at port facilities in cotton exporting countries, which could enable efficient HVI testing on cotton going into export markets. (Domestic users who were interested in HVI results could also source cotton from these collection points.) Such an approach would facilitate logistical efficiencies and economies of scale that would make feasible the delivery of harmonized HVI data. 
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