• Manual grading of cotton

    Chapter 2 - Cotton value addition - Classing and grading 

    The traditional method of cotton classification is through manual grading. Manual grading is based on appearance and feel, and is accomplished mainly through the senses of sight and touch. Manual grading includes determinations for such factors as colour grade, leaf grade, staple length, preparation and the identification of foreign or extraneous matter. These determinations are made by trained cotton classers based upon visual comparisons with physical and descriptive standards. The use of standards has done much to promote uniformity of classing. However, the usefulness of a system of classification depends in a large part on the uniformity of application. Since manual classification of cotton depends on human perceptions of sight and touch, and involves the exercise of human judgement, the grade determinations of manual classers are somewhat subjective in nature. However, by careful study and proper use of grade standards, many of the common inconsistencies in the manual classing of cotton can be eliminated or reduced as their nature is recognized, their causes are learned and their remedies are developed. 
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