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    Chapter 2 - Cotton value addition - The impact of cotton fibre properties on textile 


    Cotton on the seed or carefully removed by hand from the seed contains very few neps. Neps consist of either an entanglement (cluster) of fibres (typically 16 fibres), with or without foreign matter (e.g. trash or seed coat fragments) as a core (see figure 2.14).



    Although neps are related to fibre properties, such as maturity (including maturity distribution and ‘dead’ fibres), harvesting, ginning and mechanical treatment conditions in the spinning mill significantly affect nep levels. There is therefore a need for a separate test for neps. Many instruments are available to do this, but few, if any, are rapid enough for high volume classing and trading purposes. It is also important to be able to separately measure the different types of neps, e.g. seed coat neps and fibrous neps. Neps lead to yarn and fabric imperfections and unevenness, and also to spinning end-breakages. They are responsible for up to 50% of yarn imperfections, seed coat fragments being particularly problematic.

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