• Packaging lint cotton

    Chapter 2 - Cotton value addition - Impact of varieties and production practices 

    Bale packaging is the final step in processing cotton at the gin. The packaging system consists of a battery condenser, lint slide, lint feeder, tramper, bale press, bale tying and covering systems, and bale conveyance systems. The bale press consists of a frame, one or more hydraulic rams, and a hydraulic power system. Tying subsystems may be entirely manual, semi-automated, or fully automated. Restraining ties are usually steel wire or flat, steel or plastic straps. Six to ten ties are typically spaced along the bale, but a spirally wrapped continuous tie is sometimes used. The stress on the ties after the bale is released from the press is a function of the uniformity of the lint distribution, bale weight, bale dimensions, density to which the bale was pressed, moisture content, tie length and other factors. Bale tie strength must be matched carefully to the bale press system to prevent tie breakage and subsequent contamination and handling difficulties. To prevent fibre deterioration in the bale, no portions of the packaged bale should exceed 7.5% moisture content. Fibre degradation increases dramatically as moisture content increases, especially above 9%.

    Bales should be fully covered (including openings caused by sampling), and all bale covering material should be clean, in sound condition, and of sufficient strength to adequately protect the cotton. Bales are covered in natural fibres such as cotton (preferably), burlap and jute, and synthetics such as polypropylene and polyethylene. The material must not have salt or other corrosive material added, and must not contain sisal or other hard fibre or any other material that will contaminate or adversely affect cotton. For outside storage, bale coverings must include ultraviolet inhibitors commensurate with the anticipated storage period. 
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