• Seed cotton cleaning

    Chapter 2 - Cotton value addition - Impact of varieties and production practices

    The term ‘seed cotton cleaning’ refers to the use of various types of cylinder cleaners designed primarily for removal of dirt and small pieces of leaves, bracts, and other vegetative matter, as well as ‘extractors’ that are used to remove large trash, such as burs and sticks, from the seed cotton. The cleaning and extracting system serves a dual purpose. First, large trash components such as burs, limbs, and branches must be extracted from the seed cotton before they are broken up and embedded in the cotton, and so that the gin stand will operate at peak efficiency and without excessive downtime. Second, seed cotton cleaning is often necessary to obtain optimum grades and market values, especially when ginning high-trash-content cotton. The amount of cleaning and the extracting machinery required to satisfactorily clean seed cotton varies with the trash content of the seed cotton, which depends in large measure on the method of harvest. 
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