• Non-tariff requirements in the domestic cotton market

    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - Turkey 

    There are no non-tariff requirements in the domestic cotton market. Also there is no standardization control on imports. However, a ‘control certificate’ is required on exports, to signify that cotton is in conformity with the Turkish Standards.

    There are also no specific packaging and labelling requirements on imported cotton bales. However, some mills would prefer cotton cloth on bale wrapping in order to minimize contamination.

    Cotton is imported mostly on a CIF basis from the United States, Australia, West and Central Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States, India, etc., but on an FOB basis from Greece.

    Customs procedures

    According to the current customs regulations, only a customs declaration form has to be presented to the customs authorities together with additional customary documents on importation and exportation. No import licence or special document is required on imports. 
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