• Non-tariff requirements

    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - Vietnam 

    Since 2005, Viet Nam has abolished quotas for imports of cotton. Currently, there are no special requirements for importing raw cotton materials, cotton yarn or cotton fabrics.

    Imports of cotton materials into Viet Nam go through the same customs procedures as other goods. Spinning mills and garment companies often import direct from foreign suppliers and hold their own stock inventory, according to their needs. They have import and export units to deal with selling and buying products and materials.

    There are no specialized trading houses or agents for importing and distributing cotton materials in Viet Nam, except for the Viet Nam Cotton Company. This is the only company dealing with trading and distribution of domestically produced cotton.

    Customs procedures for exporting and importing all normal goods, including cotton, can be found on the Customs Department website at www.customs.gov.vn. Further information can also be obtained from:

    General Department of Viet Nam Customs 162 Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien Dist, Ha Noi Tel.: +84 4 8727033 Fax: +84 4 8725949 E-mail: webmaster@customs.gov.vn
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