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    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - China


    Short linters and cotton waste are the main materials used in producing OE yarn and cotton slurry. The development of China’s textile industry has speed not only the consumption of cotton, but also the consumption of cotton linters, cotton waste and comber noil as shown in figure 6.8. According to Customs statistics, in 2005 Chinese imports of cotton linter and cotton waste were 90.28 thousand tons and 80.3 thousand tons respectively. In 2006, imports were 170.38 thousand tons and 163.7 thousand tons, an increase of 87% and 103%. There is a tariff of 10% on imports of short linters and cotton waste, while imports are quota-free. Since China has no national uniform standard for short linters and cotton waste, such imports are mainly contracted on the basis of samples. The price of imported short linters and cotton waste enjoys a big advantage over that of China domestic short linters and cotton waste; hence this business is very lucrative.



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