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    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - Turkey 

    Turkey has been regarded as the pioneer in producing organic cotton, which first started in Kahramanmaras province in the 1989/90 season. Production spread rapidly to Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir, Hatay and Manisa Provinces, making Turkey the leading producing and exporting country in organic cotton. In 2006/07 season, there were around 350 registered organic cotton growers, with 7,500 hectares under contract farming.* Exports of organic cotton yarn, textiles and clothing have also increased during recent years.

    Price differentials for organic cotton are narrowing in world markets, with cheaper offers coming from low-cost countries, Turkey may also need to import organic cotton for its growing textile and clothing market.

    *Records of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, 2006. 
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