• Preferences of large national cotton consumers

    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - Pakistan 

    Spinners and textile producers interviewed reported that 50% of the 1.9 billion metric tons of cotton yarn used in Pakistan is coarse count (up to 20s) while 22% is medium count (21s to 34s); domestic cotton is abundantly available for these. Fine and super fine counts are made from imported cotton. Yarn merchants said that 25% of the yarn produced is exported while 75% is used by local textile and garment manufacturers. The product line of composite units includes yarn, fabrics, garments, made-ups, towels, tents and canvas, knits and bedware.

    The majority of textile manufacturers said that they procure cotton from the domestic market. Five leading textile groups categorically stated that to meet the high-value export requirements for finer counts they import long and ELS cotton. Imports mainly consist of United States Pima, Egyptian Giza, Australian Andy, Chinese, Central Asian Uzbekistan and Indian Shankar cotton. They also import from Brazil and African countries for producing coarse count yarn for the towel industry, knitwear and bed sheets due to deficiency in domestic availability or price advantage.

    Major spinners explained that the main reason for importing is price considerations and quality, and to fulfil yarn export commitments. Other considerations are to acquire contamination-free cotton, as well as foreign yarn buyers’ country of origin preferences for specific cotton often from origins such as Australia, Egypt or Central Asia. 
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