• Recommendations for cotton exporters from LDCs on increasing exports to Viet Nam

    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - Vietnam  

    Exporters of uncarded and uncombed cotton from LDCs will continue to face strong competition from the United States and India, which supply 50% and 23% respectively of the Viet Nam's imports.

    The United States is the leading importing country of garments and textiles from Viet Nam; therefore, exporters of cotton from the United States have an advantage over countries that do not import garment and textile products from Viet Nam.

    Indian suppliers are traditional suppliers to Viet Nam and furthermore, they are known to offer competitive prices.

    Suppliers from LDCs, especially from Africa, which still have very little trade with Viet Nam, would need to consider a more proactive marketing approach and offer competitive prices to Vietnamese cotton buyers.
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