• Recommendations for LDC cotton exporters on increasing exports to Bangladesh

    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - Bangladesh 

    Africa has suffered from a bad image in relation to cotton imports in Bangladesh. Some manufacturers have had problems with on-time delivery, which disrupts internal planning and delivery of yarn. It is perceived that transport facilities within and from West Africa are insufficient to meet the on-time delivery needs of Bangladeshi spinners.

    West African cotton has a reputation for high contamination and a high sugar content, both of which need to be reduced. Some mills have said that the level of contamination found in African cotton (especially from polypropylene) is much higher than that in cotton from Uzbekistan, for example. However, Zimbabwean cotton is regarded as having a low contamination level. An awareness programme is to be introduced for African cotton producers and spinners on the importance of reducing contamination.

    Bangladeshi spinning mills have suggested that sub-Saharan African countries should develop and prepare an annual cotton buyer’s guide (cotton importer’s guide) along the lines of the guide produced by United States Cotton Incorporated. Bangladeshi mills use this guide extensively.

    Spinners would like to see the cotton fields in order to develop a clear idea of the quality and the cotton characteristics.

    Ensuring uniformity in the classification of cotton is essential to create confidence in buyers. Expert classers can manage to achieve a reasonable level of correct evaluation. However, with the availability of better instruments, it is always better to check qualities using instruments to make sure that the desired quality of cotton is established. African cotton producers must use sophisticated quality testing instruments to ensure the right quality. The High Volume Instrument (HVI) can measure all the necessary quality parameters in the same instrument, and it is generally recommended in lieu of individual testing instruments. Cotton quality and its parameters need to be communicated in advance to the spinning mills. 
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