• Recommendations to LDC cotton exporters for promoting exports to Turkey

    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - Turkey 


    Consistent quality, little or no contamination, attractive GSM credit facilities (for United States cotton), the availability of cheaper priced cotton from neighbouring suppliers (Greece, the Syrian Arab Republic, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc.) are given as determining factors for Turkey’s rising imports from these countries.

    The Turkish industry’s experience with West and Central African cotton is, however, relatively new. Cotton is imported to Turkey from LDCs generally through international cotton trading companies, some of which have offices in those countries. The main reasons for preferring to trade with intermediary companies, instead of purchasing direct from the country of origin, are that the international traders:

    • Are well known and often trusted by both sides;
    • Can prepare and offer the most suitable cotton for the importer, since they are familiar with importers’ exact needs;
    • Can arrange and follow up shipments more efficiently and with less cost;
    • Can solve conflicts more easily and quickly.

    The overall assessment of Turkish commission agents and textile mills of cotton from LDCs is mixed. Inconsistency of quality, contamination, and long and costly shipments are some of the problem areas mentioned.* The recommendations to LDC exporters would be to minimize contamination, improve quality parameters, develop common standards and allow introductory price differentials until importers are well informed and experienced with their cotton.

    *Personal communication with commission agents, importers and textile mills importing cotton from LDCs, 2006.

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