• Specific cotton quality requirements of the domestic textile industry

    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - Bangladesh 


    Domestic textile industries would prefer using quality benchmarks for different varieties of cotton so that buying decisions are made easy for them. They find the following standards to be appropriate for strict middling grade cotton of staple length 1 3/32":

    • Micronaire: Within 4.0–4.8.
    • Colour: Rd (diffuse reflectance) not less than 75.
    • Nep content: Less than 200 per gram.
    • Strength: More than 28 grams/tex.
    • Length uniformity ratio: Not less than 85%.
    • Short fibre content: Less than 5%.
    • Seed count fragments: Less than 15 per gram.

    Source: Research based on interviews with Bangladeshi spinning mills. 

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