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    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - Vietnam 


    Viet Nam remains dependent on imports of cotton. Domestic production can supply only 15%-20% of the textile industry's total demand for uncarded and uncombed cotton, leaving 80%-85% to be imported.

    Although Viet Nam is a cotton-producing country, cotton competes with other crops that have higher commercial value for export such as pepper, rice and coffee. The total planted area of cotton was reduced from about 28 hectares in 2003 and 2004 to 26 hectares in 2005 and 21 hectares in 2006. Accordingly, the total production was reduced from 35,128 tons in 2003 to 28,002 tons in 2004, 33,590 tons in 2005, and 28,359 tons in 2006. 

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