• The Indonesian textile industry: a macro view

    Chapter 6 - Market profiles - Indonesia 

    The Indonesian textile industry is one of the oldest and most strategic industries of the country and contributes significantly to national growth. About 1.8 million people are directly employed in the textile industry, and about 3.7 million are indirectly employed in the textile sector.

    Indonesia is a major player in the textile and clothing industry in Asia. According to the Ministry of Industry, the value of textile production was estimated at IDR 125,000 billion ($18.7 million) in 2005. The value of textile and textile products exports reached $8.6 billion in 2005, making Indonesia the eleventh-largest textile exporter in the world. Indonesia, an oil-producing country, houses one of the world’s largest synthetic fibre manufacturers.

    The domestic production of cotton is of limited commercial importance and is declining. Thus, the Indonesian textile industry depends almost entirely on imported cotton for all its requirements for the domestic and the exportmarkets. 
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