• ELS cotton flourishes in niche markets

    Chapter 5 - Market segments - Extra long staple cotton 

    ELS cottons, because of their fibre characteristics, were originally used extensively in home textile products and in luxury apparel wear such as fine dress shirting. However, awareness of the ELS fibre qualities has grown and ELS cotton is being used in an increasing variety of products because of the superior feel, quality and durability of the finished products. ELS cottons have a natural sheen and yield a product with a soft feel that the consumer prefers. Today ELS cottons are found in traditional home textile products such as sheets and towels, as well as in blankets, duvets and bath mats for example. The use of ELS cottons in the apparel market has grown very rapidly, with ELS cottons now being used in virtually any apparel product that has been made with cotton. Today’s leading designers are using ELS cottons to create unique and special products, and to update existing products or mainstream lines.
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