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    Chapter 5 - Market segments - Extra long staple cotton 

    During the 2006/07 crop year it is estimated that China became the largest producer of ELS cotton in the world, with 781,000 bales of production compared to United States production of 765,400 bales. A surge in plantings saw an increase that more than doubled production levels from the previous year’s 367,000 bales. China is expected to increase production again for the 2007/08 crop, albeit by a far slimmer margin this time around, to about 811,000 bales. The United States is now the second-largest producer of ELS cotton, having previously been the largest. Production in the United States has grown on a much slower and more consistent long-term basis than the growth witnessed in China recently. The next largest producers of ELS cottons are India and Egypt. ELS cottons are also grown in lesser quantities in Sudan, the Commonwealth of Independent States (including Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), Australia, Israel and Peru.

    ICAC tracks and publishes statistics on supply of and demand data for cotton, including a report called Extra-Fine Cotton This Month. The report from 14 June 2007 forecasts an ELS and LS production figure for the 2007/08 crop year of 3,520,000 bales. This is an increase over the previous year, and almost as large as the previous recent largest production years of 2001/02 and 1993/94. This production estimate is also over 900,000 bales higher than the figure two years ago. When looking only at the ELS component, global production is estimated to be 2,652,000 bales for 2007/08. This is an increase of 775,000 bales over the production figure from two years ago. Almost 60% of that increase can be contributed to the growth in China’s production. 
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