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    Chapter 1 - The world cotton market - The Cotlook Indices 

    The indices are published in the weekly Cotton Outlook magazine, and in Cotlook’s various daily information services, available from the company’s website at www.cotlook.com. Offering prices are monitored each United Kingdom business day and are published, together with the day’s indices, at about 2.30 p.m. United Kingdom time. The prices are set by the editorial staff, who have no trading involvement or interest of any kind. Cotlook Ltd is an entirely independent, private company, with no external shareholders.

    The Cotlook Indices are calculated from the prices at which cotton is offered to the final consumers, i.e. mills. Cotlook indicates a representative quotation for each component of each index. When cotton from any origin among the constituents is being traded freely, the Cotlook quotation will be closer to the traded value than when supply is short or in few hands. If evidence of offers is slim, a component may be denoted as ‘nominal’ or withdrawn. It is from these daily quotations that the average values are calculated; these are the Cotlook A and Cotlook A (NE) and Cotlook B (NE) Indices.

    Since the quotations are intended to reflect the competitive level of offering prices, not the level at which business has been arranged, a mill buyer would normally expect to succeed with bids that were slightly lower.
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